Bass Pro Shops Live Exhibits Aquarist in Springfield, Missouri

Position Summary:

To maintain a quarantine that will service the company's current needs. To procure needed species of fish from various sources in which to stock existing and new stores. To assist in maintaining population standards for existing stores by the quarantining of freshwater and saltwater fish. To quarantine and have available fish for new stores openings. Deal with the logistic of shipping fish to the stores via merchandise trucks or contracted haulers. To supply specific controlled chemicals to be used in treatments to stores when prescribed by the veterinarians.

Position Responsibilities:

  • To strive in having a flow through type system in obtaining, quarantining and then dispersing fish for all the outer stores needs

  • To develop a working relationship with hatcheries and commercial fisherman to provide needed fish species

  • To convert wild caught fish to an aquarium setting and prepared diet

  • To ship pre-measured antibiotics and extremely hazardous chemicals to stores with disease outbreaks

  • To perform biopsies on incoming and outgoing fish

  • To maintain records of animals that have been processed through the quarantine facility

  • To take in fish from outer stores that needs more intensive medical treatments

  • Maintain all reporting on portal, i.e water quality, census, etc

  • Other assigned duties

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum 1 year experience in aquarium operations or related field

  • Certified Scuba diver

  • Problem solving and task coordination skills

  • Ability to observe and act upon relevant changes in animal behaviors and conditions

  • Limited mechanical and plumbing experience

  • Understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and the ability to work with live animals safely

  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work flexible schedule that includes weekends, evenings and holidays

  • Understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and the ability to work with live animals safely

  • Computer skills using Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Certified First Aid/CPR

  • Class E drivers license

  • Ability to lift, push or pull 50 pounds