Bass Pro Shops Hunting Merchandising Assistant in Springfield, Missouri


Primarily responsible for assisting the Merchandiser or DMM in completion of the following responsibilities. Extensive computer data entry and maintenance of all pertinent information for catalog, wholesale, retail and incentive.


  1. System related: Responsible for accurate and timely set up of all vendor and SKU related data into the system including UPC codes. Maintenance of said data based on changes identified after set up. Maintain accurate size tables as needed.

  2. Catalog and Retail related: Responsible for keying all Big Events and initial unit forecasts as directed by the Merchandiser. Revise the Big Events throughout the proofing process for changes to product and/or retail selling price. Obtain vendor samples for new products. Log and track all designs that the Merchandiser must approve. Log and track all TX’s that the Merchandiser or Catalog Assistant must approve. Ensure all due dates are met.

  3. Ad Proofing: Proof retail and catalog pages as directed by the Merchandiser or Catalog/Retail Assistant.

  4. Co-op/Rebates: Establish systems to ensure that all monies due are collected per the vendor agreement. Keep the Merchandiser informed of any problems. Any monies to be taken off purchase orders or written as free goods orders must be communicated to the Inventory Specialist.

  5. Costs: Responsible for maintaining accurate purchase order costs in the system and an accurate cost adjustment factor per the vendor agreement. All invoice discrepancies are coordinated through the Merchandising Assistant. The Merchandiser must review and approve the correct cost. System maintenance completed if the system cost is incorrect. Must also tell the Inventory Specialist so the PO cost on all open purchase orders can be fixed and thereby prevent future discrepancies.

  6. Retail Price Changes: Responsible for keying all retail price changes on non-warehoused product. Responsible for maintaining combo pricing in System 2. Responsible for submitting competitive price changes to Inventory Control for keying. Responsible for writing up all retail price changes (sale code W or catalog location) for entering through System 1. Obtains approvals prior to submitting.

  7. Vendor Packets: Responsible for sending out vendor packets on all new vendors. Responsible for sending out annual vendor packets and follow-up until all are received back. Communication with Merchandiser on vendors not complying.

  8. Secretarial related: Answering phones, copying, faxing, filing, travel arrangements, correspondence, filling out expense reports, directing vendors, scheduling conference rooms, and Merchant appointment schedules.

  9. Assortments: Responsible for maintaining the accuracy of all retail, catalog, wholesale and base assortments in the systems. When SKU’s are set up, must inquire as to what locations will be selling the product, and obtaining from the Merchant the initial annual forecast quantities and the start date.

  10. Copy Request: Complete copy request forms, request needed data from the vendor, and follow-up until complete. Route completed copy within area and get returned to copywriter.

  11. Other duties as assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled