Bass Pro Shops Collection Specialist in Springfield, Missouri


Handles credit card collections for Catalog/Internet orders. Handles all credit card problems such as retrievals and charge backs working with issuing banks when necessary. Answers credit card questions from other departments. Handles check collections for Catalog. Collects bad checks by working with the customer, Checkrite, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.


  1. Credit Card responsibilities

A. Retrievals - Forward copies of invoices to issuing banks.

B. Charge backs (Fraud) - Investigate by contacting recipient or cardholder in an attempt to recover merchandise. May also work with local authorities to recover merchandise.

C. Forward necessary information to Claims Adjustor to contact Federal Express to stop delivery of orders paid by fraudulent use of a credit card.

D. Duplicate charges - Investigate to verify a duplicate charge was made; process a credit to the customer’s account to correct the error when necessary.

E. Keying errors - Contact the customer and obtain a card number to charge the purchase. Refund the incorrect card.

  1. Bad Check responsibilities

A. Key into “Bad Credit Maintenance” file and flag customer as “Bad Credit” to restrict future shipments.

B. Key all customer information into the Bad Credit File and indicate the appropriate action to be taken, i.e., series of letters or forward check directly to Checkrite.

C. On a weekly basis, print bad check letters, sign and mail to customers.

D. Once a bad check is paid by receipt of money order, enter payment into the Bad Credit File, delete customer information from the Bad Check Letter File and send the returned check back to the customer.

  1. Work incidents in queues.

  2. Review and release orders that appear on various daily edits used to review for suspicion of fraud.

  3. Run suspect orders through preCharge to determine if fraudulent.

  4. Contact banks for verification of cardholder.

  5. Review orders that appear on “decline credit card” edit. Contact customers to notify them of a credit card problem; work with customers to clear order.

  6. Review orders appearing on multipay edits; release orders qualifying for multipay.

  7. Work with Credit Department to receive approval on questionable multipay orders.

  8. Contact customers who decline on multipay accounts by phone and email to make payment arrangements or return the merchandise.

  9. Send letters to customers notifying them of past due account.

  10. Create and maintain spreadsheet for non-collectable multipay accounts to send to Credit Department for write-off.

  11. Other duties as assigned.