Bass Pro Shops Firearms Operations Outfitter in Scarborough, Maine

Position Overview:

This position requires the ability to safely handle firearms and adhere to all company, state, and federal firearms policies and regulations. Provide legendary customer service experience to every customer by greeting, consulting, and assisting them in finding merchandise and making buying decisions. This includes processing firearms transactions in an efficient manner in accordance with all internal policies, procedures, and applicable law. Responsible for acquiring and disposing firearms and the integrity of the ATF required bound book. This position initiates all 4473 forms with customers and is responsible for conducting the final check of applicable company, state, and federal forms prior to a firearm being transferred to the customer.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Responsible for systematically and physically acquiring and disposing all firearms legally and in accordance with all ATF, state, and local laws and regulations and with Cabela’s policies. This includes acquiring firearms that are purchased or shipped to the store via varying methods, and disposing all transferred firearms, shipped or sold over the counter to a customer by close of business the day the acquisition or disposition occurs. Responding to ATF Trace requests, sending required reporting to ATF and other state agencies, and completing other state required paperwork as necessary. Additional requirements include: completing ATF required forms, applicable state forms necessary for background checks, certifying and screening all potential firearm transfers for legality of the sale, complying with waiting periods or other possible state requirements, and preventing possible straw purchases.

  • Provide a legendary customer service experience to every customer by assisting them in making purchasing decisions through the application of the SLAM process including greeting, identifying and evaluating the customers’ needs, and then making appropriate product recommendations from this analysis. Delivery of the Firearms Experience process with customers and assisting the customer with a complete outfitting solution including identified attachments. Ability to mount scopes and other accessories onto firearms.

  • Responsible for ensuring all firearms are acquired safely utilizing Cabela's protocols, proper and error free completion of all company forms, conducting firearms audits, properly storing and locating, cleaning, and preparation of firearms for retail sale, working replenishment of firearms to the sales floor, properly packaging and shipping firearms in accordance with federal and state laws and Cabela's policy, safely checking and clearing firearms received by customers or via shipment, as well as mounting optics to firearms.

  • Assure visual standards are met by up-keep and maintenance to include, but not limited to, restocking, remerchandising, cleaning fixtures, and vacuuming. Responsible for maintaining 5S standards within the department and back room including attention to proper facing of firearms tags and performing opening and closing duties.

  • Responsible for participating in ongoing training including, but not limited to, firearms and shooting product information, diverse shooting discipline awareness, systems training, compliance related training, and selling skills and techniques.

  • Effectively communicate to customers the benefits of Cabela’s programs, including, but not limited to, CLUB membership, kiosk, VOC, and in-store pickup.

  • Other duties as assigned by Management.


  • High school diploma or equivalent work experience

  • 2 to 4+ years’ experience

  • Must be at least 21 years of age. Have a working knowledge of federal and state firearm regulations (required)

  • Ability to use good judgment and logic (required)

  • Strong attention to detail (required)

  • Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time (required)

  • Ability to problem solve, and work through complex issues (required)

  • Hiring preference will be given to those with solid ATF knowledge, detail-oriented, proven sales experience and firearms regulatory compliance knowledge, willing to move quickly from one task to another, and at least two to four years of experience in the firearms industry.