Bass Pro Shops Experienced Gel Coater in Midway, Arkansas


This position is responsible for operating and maintaining gel coat gun. Applies gel coat to molds with specification, according to production schedule, ensuring color, finish and thicknesses are adhered to. Cleans gel coat gun and related equipment to ensure it operates as required. Moves molds into and out of gel coat booths. Assists others as directed by Supervision. Performs other duites as assigned.

Tools and Equipment:

Gel coat gun, wrenches, and release agents. Protective equipment such as: rubber gloves, boots, respirator, coverall suits, and safety glasses.


  1. Apply gel coat to fiberglass molds within tolerance limits.

  2. Able to work overhead, stoop, bend, and push/pull molds.

  3. Familiarity with solvents, gel coats and release agents.

  4. Ability to properly operate a gel coat gun.

  5. Help train new team members as well as helping all team members stay focused and motivated.

  6. Insure the crew starts up on time at the beginning of the shift and monitor team members for long breaks and lunches.

  7. Observe and adjust the catalyst level as environmental conditions require.

  8. Keep work are safe, clean, and hazard free

  9. Monitor housekeeping of crew members and general condition of assigned work area

  10. Perform other duties as assigned.


Moderate lifting, 20-59 lbs.

Ability for rapid mental and muscular Moderate carrying, 20-59 lbs.

coordination simultaneously

Straight pulling

Reaching over shoulder


Specific visual requirements:

Use of fingers

-depth perception

Both hands required

-ability to distinguish shades of color


Hearing (aid permitted)





Moderate to high humidity

Moderate heat


Self-directed / team environment

Working closely with others