Bass Pro Shops Distribution Center Slotting Lead in Macon, Georgia


Associate will be responsible for the assignment and maintenance of a stock keeping unit (SKU) to a specific location. SKU assignment involves the research of product information and location analysis. Other duties include but are not limited to, location labeling, bin expansion and condensing, excess location management, dynamic location maintenance, and new sku assignment. Associate may be asked to carry out special projects as needed and perform various duties as assigned.


Ability to function as a team player. Ability to pay close attention to detail. Knowledge of company merchandise and warehouse layout.


  1. Trains associates to make them aware and comfortable with procedures and policies.

  2. Keeps associates alerted to system changes and why the changes are being made.

  3. Assigns duties to assure even work load and completion of daily assignments.

  4. Monitors associate’s activities to maintain accuracy and promote development.

  5. Maintains an open line of communication with supervisor and manager to convey ideas or methods to improve the department’s procedures or to alert them to problem areas.

  6. Possesses excellent knowledge of products, policies and procedures.

  7. Maintains a positive attitude.

  8. Conveys the importance of the department and the 100% customer satisfaction goal.

  9. Verifies and/or investigates various forms of paperwork.

  10. Insures good housekeeping and follows the safety procedures that are practices by all.

  11. Performs periodic checks of the area.

  12. Other duties as assigned.