Bass Pro Shops Warranty Repair in Clinton, Missouri


This position is responsible for making all fiberglass and gel coat repairs, complete the rigging and de-rigging of new and customer boats, trouble shooting all mechanical and electrical problems to include all accessories and motors. Ability to work without direct supervision.

Tools and Equipment:

A variety of hand tools, spray gun, grinder, hand and air sanders, hoist, forklift, tractor, company vehicles, computer, protective and safety equipment and clothing.


  1. Performance test and evaluate product

  2. Rig and de-rig all product models and accessories

  3. Trouble shoot and repair electrical and mechanical systems

  4. All types of fiberglass repairs

  5. Evaluate product for structural, mechanical, electrical, and gel coat defects

  6. Assist warranty coordinator in accuracy of inventory control

  7. Complete all assigned or team duties in a timely manner

  8. Keep work area clean, safe, and hazard free

  9. Other duties as assigned


Heavy lifting, 60 lbs and over

Heavy carrying, 60 lbs and over

Straight pulling

Pulling hand over hand


Reaching over shoulder

Use of fingers

both hands required





Repeated bending

Climbing, legs only

Climbing use of legs and arms

Both legs required

Operation of forklift, truck, tractor, or Ability for rapid mental and muscular Motor vehicles

coordination simultaneously

Depth perception

Both eyes required

Ability to distinguish basic colors

Ability to distinguish shades of color

Hearing without aid

Operate hoist

Valid chauffeurs license

Ability to distinguish numbers and Ability to swim highly recommended

written instructions

Warranty Repair – Page 1 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS

Outside and inside

Extreme cold

Extreme heat/humidity

Extreme dampness or chilling

Dust, fumes, smoke or gasses

Solvents (degreasing agents)

Grease and oils

Electrical energy

Slippery and uneven walking surfaces

Working around machinery with moving Working around moving vehicles or objects


Working on ladders or scaffolding

Unusual fatigue factors

Working with hands in water

Explosives – flammable liquids


Working closely with others

Working alone


Work in a team environment